Student Driven Research


Water For ME Foundation supports the work of over forty students from Bangor High School and from the University of Maine in various disciplines working on water quality projects.


Field Research

Chemistry and Biology researchers travel in-country with student investigators to test water sources for remote villages and families.


Bangor High School

Water filter materials are used for testing various nano cellular lattice structures. These "paper" filters attempt to comb out the 1 micron level particulates in water. This includes most of the "bad" bugs found in water such as Guardia. This research is ongoing and may be altered to tie into the high schools STEM academy for student research.


University of Maine at Orono

The University of Maine has two engineering teams working on two devices. The first is a human powered water pump. Initial design utilizes a bicycle frame while the team hopes to shrink their design into a hand pump system. The second team is working on a solar cell recharging system for electronics that will be useful in field trials out of country where electricity is scarce.  All team members are receiving school credit for their work and will present their results to classmates, faculty and the Water for ME Foundation in the Spring of 2013.


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